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Monkey Bridge

Identities in New Book, Asian American Press

Jul 25, 1997 by Lan Cao
Author Describes Bridging Cultures, Week of July 25, 1997

St. Paul, July 22 – Although the passing of twenty two years should improve perspective, the aftermath of the Vietnam war from the point of view of the Vietnamese Americans has rarely been examined in fiction. A newly published novel, “Monkey Bridge,” by first-time author Lan Cao undertakes that very task in a dramatic and insightful way.

Cao, a 36 year old Vietnamese American woman, is a law professor who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Her novel is drawn from personal experience. It illustrates cultural identity dilemmas, a young woman’s coming of age, the war and its aftermath, and rethinking traditions in the context of a mother/daughter relationship.

The story is told in the voice...