Establishing Prior Knowledge: That Was Then: This is Now

Teaching Monkey Bridge by Lan Cao, by Anna J. Small Roseboro
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“An Outsider with Inside Information:” The 1.5 Generation in Lan Cao’s Monkey Bridge

Postcolonial Text, Vol 7, No 1 (2012), Bunkong Tuon, Union College
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How Memory Haunts: The Impact of Trauma on Vietnamese Immigrant Identity in Lan Cao’s Monkey Bridge

The Humanities, December 1, 2004, Pg. 138(25) Vol. 31 No. 2 ISSN: 0039-3800, By Michelle Satterlee
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Bridging the Gaps: Inescapable History in Lan Cao’s Monkey Bridge

Critical Essay, Claire Stocks
Myth and Secrecy: Obscuring the Vietnamese Past, Georgia State University Department of English. Studies in the Literary Imagination, March 22, 2004
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Crossing Bridges into the Pasts: Reading Lan Cao’s Monkey Bridge

Chang Gung Journal of Humanties and Social Sciences, 3:1, April 2010, 19-14
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Conspiracy of Silence and New Subjectivity in Monkey Bridge

…and The Gangster We Are All Looking For, Quan Manh Ha, University of Montana
Journal of Southeast Asian American Education & Advancement
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Guerrilla Irony in Lan Cao’s Monkey Bridge

By Michele Janette, University of Wisconsin Press: Journals Division
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Transcultural Women of Late-Twentieth-Century U.S. American Literature

First-Generation Migrants from Islands and Peninsulas, Interview by Pauline T. Newton
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Contemporary Women’s Roles Through Hmong, Vietnamese, and American Eyes

Critical Essay, By Lisa A. Long, Frontiers – A Journal of Women’s Studies, January 1, 2008, 2008 University of Nebraska Press, Pg. 1 (36) Vol. 29 No. 1 ISSN: 0160-9009
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Review of Monkey Bridge

Review by Lan Duong, Journal of Asian American Studies, Volume 3, Number 3, October 2000, Published by The Johns Hopkins University Press
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Cross Wire: Asian American Literary Criticism

Critical Essay, Lim, Shirley Geok-lin; Valentino, Gina; Sohn, Stephen Hong; Gamber, John Blair
March 22, 2004 Georgia State University, Department of English, Pg. i(11) Vol. 37 No. 1 ISSN: 0039-3819
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The Emergence of Buddhist American Literature

2010 Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, September 22, 2010. Vol. 22 No. 3 ISSN: 1703-289X. John Whalen-Bridge and Gary Storhoff, eds., Book review, Ama, Michihiro
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Trends in Literary Trauma Theory

By Michelle Balaev, University of Manitoba, Mosaic (Winnipeg), June 1, 2008, Pg. 149(18) Vol. 41 No. 2 ISSN: 0027-1276
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Consumption and Identity in Asian American Coming-of-Age Novels

By Jennifer Ho, Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 2003
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Maybe Nothing Ever Happens Once And Is Finished: Some Notes On Recent Southern Fiction And Social Change

By Richard J. Gray, The Eccles Centre for American Studies, Plenary Lecture given at the British Association of American Studies Annual Conference, 2004
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