Family in Six Tones

Kirkus Reviews

Jul 17, 2020 by Lan Cao
”What makes this memoir especially compelling is the way these two separate but linked perspectives illuminate silences or gaps in the stories each woman tells. For example, Cao’s probing but emotionally restrained narrative focuses on the facts of her remarkable life . . . As it celebrates the mother-daughter bond, this book reveals the added complexities that bring together refugee mothers and their American children while also maintaining a certainunbridgeable distance . . . An eloquent and affecting multigenerational memoir.“
Kirkus Reviews 

The Nerdy Girl Express

Jul 15, 2020 by Lan Cao
“...the way that this book is able to interpose the mother and the daughter throughout allows the story to evolve for the reader. We get to see their lives and their relationship through the lens of how everything they have experienced has impacted them. This is a touching and beautifully crafted read.” 
—The Nerdy Girl Express